Electron Config Pro v1.0.8 For Android [Latest]

Electron Config Pro apk

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Electron Config Pro is an electron configuration tool designed to predict electron configuration of all elements in the periodic table and for a huge number of oxidation states. It was designed with the student in mind, but can be a useful reference for a professional scientist or a teacher.

Electron Config Pro features:

– An electron configurations calculator engine which incorporates the Aufbau principle and all rules therein.
– A list of all elements from the periodic table including their electron configurations for almost any oxidation state.
– A large number of orbital animations.
– An interactive electron configurations exercise test which can provide a huge number of exercises generated randomly.
– A theory quiz which currently has 80 multiple-choice questions that are served randomly (more to be added!)
– A complete theoretical summary including both the physical and the chemical backgrounds (over 8000 words on 10 pages of theory).

Please note that we have 2 other versions of this app. A simple electron configurations engine (calculator) without any additional features, and a free (lite) version of this app so you can try before you buy.

We will continue updating the app as required. No special permissions are required.

– bug fix with the search function
– list of elements now features configurations in the condensed, noble gas notation, with the full configuration still available upon opening
– new design for the list of elements (designed for tablets) =]
– new design for the main menu (designed for tablets) =]
– larger main menu orbital animation (also for tablets)
– few minor bug fixes

Electron Config Pro
Electron Config Pro
Developer: Yukod Software
Price: To be announced




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